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I like writing and drawing but never have time for them.
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How Forensic Entomologists Use Insects to Tell If a Body Was Moved After Death:

In some suspicious death investigations, arthropod (insect) evidence may prove that the body was moved at some point after death. Crime scene insects can tell whether the body decomposed at the location where it was found, and even reveal gaps in the crime time line.
  • Crime Scene Insects Inconsistent with the Body’s Location: The entomologist first identifies all the collected arthropod evidence, cataloging the species present on or near the body. Not every insect belongs in every habitat. Some live in quite specific niches – on limited vegetation types, at certain elevations, or in particular climates. What if the body yields an insect that is not known to live in the area where it was found? Wouldn’t that suggest the body had been moved? 
In his book A Fly for the Prosecution, forensic entomologist M. Lee Goff tells of one such case. He collected evidence from a woman’s body found in an Oahu sugar cane field. He noted that some of the maggots present were a species of fly found in urban areas, not in agricultural fields. He hypothesised that the body had remained in an urban location long enough for the flies to find it, and that it was later moved to the field. Sure enough, when the murder was solved, his theory proved correct. The killers kept the victim’s body in an apartment for several days while trying to decide what to do with it.
  • Crime Scene Insects Inconsistent with the Crime Timeline: Sometimes insect evidence reveals a gap in the time line, and leads investigators to the conclusion that the body was moved. The primary focus of forensic entomology is the establishment of the postmortem interval, using insect life cycles. A good forensic entomologist will give detectives an estimate, to the day or even the hour, of when the body was first colonised by insects. Investigators compare this estimate with witness accounts of when the victim was last seen alive. Where was the victim between when he was last seen and when insects first invaded his corpse? Was he alive, or was the body hidden somewhere?

Again, Dr. Goff’s book provides a good example of a case where insect evidence established such a time gap. A body found on April 18th yielded only First Instar Maggots, some still emerging from their eggs. Based on his knowledge of this insect’s life cycle in the environmental conditions present at the crime scene, Dr. Goff concluded that the body had only been exposed to insects since the previous day, the 17th. According to witnesses, the victim was last seen alive two days prior, on the 15th. It seemed that the body must have been somewhere else, protected from exposure to any insects, in the interim. In the end, the murderer was caught and revealed he had killed the victim on the 15th, but kept the body in the trunk of a car until dumping it on the 17th.

  • Crime Scene Insects in the Soil: A dead body lying on the ground will release all its fluids into the soil below. As a result of this seepage, the soil chemistry changes substantially. Native soil organisms leave the area as the pH rises. A whole new community of arthropods inhabit this gruesome niche. A forensic entomologist will sample the soil below and near where the body was lying. The organisms found in the soil samples can determine whether the body decomposed at the location where it was found, or prior to being dumped there.

Source: Here.

I had to do this with a dead pig for class and used that exact diagram. It was super cool!


Annameii’s 2nd Giveaway! 

So I’m having another giveaway and this time there will be 2 winners!

1st Place Winner

Sports Jacket by Omocat (You’ll either be winning the jacket in the picture or the jacket from their summer line depending on when it’s released)

 Levi Figurine

Sailor Moon Necklace

 Mini Domo Teddybear

 Gaara Keychain

 Three Custom Pony Bead Friendship Bracelets (the ones in the picture are just an example)

Random Japanese Sweets and Candies (will be different than what is in the picture)

I may or may not add other surprises in there!

2nd Place Winner

 Their choice between Levi Figurine or Sailor Moon Necklace

 Three Custom Pony Bead Friendship Bracelets (the ones in the picture are just an example)

Random Japanese Sweets and Candies (will be different than what is in the picture)

Rules and Guidelines

- Must be following me.

- Likes and Reblogs both count as an entry.

- You may reblog as many times as you like.

- Side blogs or Giveaway blogs do not count.

- Must be 18+/or have parents permission

- This is a WORLDWIDE giveaway 

- This isn’t really an entry but it would be nice if you’d check out Datafist on youtube and subscribe.


The winner will be chosen at random, using a number generator.

Once the winner is chosen, I will send you an ask on tumblr notifying you. Make sure your ask box is open, or I will chose another winner. I will then ask you which size you will need for the jacket and colors words for the bracelets, all the other details, I will also ask for your name and address. Once everything is put together I will message you when it is shipped out and when it is expected to be received. If the winner does not respond within 2 days of my message then I will use the generator again and pick new ones.

 End Date 

August 1st 2014 (I want to wait till after Anime Expo which is why the date is so far)


This giveaway isn’t associated with Tumblr (including, without limitation, that it isn’t administered, sponsored, or endorsed by Tumblr). I was not sponsored Omocat or anyone else.

GOOD LUCK (◕ヮ◕)*:・゚



So unfortunately the Weeaboo lettermans sold out so the prize is instead going to be the Glitch Boy lettermans that will be released this summer by Omocat!

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The original post was accidentally deleted. My fault. I apologize. 


  • Must be following her <- (punk-official)
  • Reblog the post.
  • Likes wont count, but you can like to save it.
  • Please don’t spam the notes on the post, and try to reblog only a couple times a day. I want everyone having a fair chance of winning.
  • Winner will be picked with generator.
  • Shipping worldwide.
  • If the winner only wants certain things, a 2nd winner will be picked. 
  • Winner(s) will be picked August 15th. 

Giveaway consists of:

  1. Man Overboard crewneck. (L) in girls.
  2. Suicide Silence tshirt. (M) in boys.
  3. Red Samsung wb100 16.2 MP camera. Perfect condition. (comes with sd card and case)
  4. White, red, blue Pokemon iPhone 4/4s cases.
  5. Purple/blue hard cover iPhone 4/4s case.
  6. Plugs not drugs tshirt. (M) in boys.
  7. We Came as Romans tshirt. (S) in girls.
  8. We Came as Romans tshirt. (S) in boys.
  9. Pokemon tank top. (M) in boys.
  10. Black carhartt beanie. 
  11. The Wonder Years banner/flag. 
  12. The Story so Far banner/flag.
  13. The Story so Far tshirt. (S) 
  14. Brand new Macbook air. Comes with the charger, box, and everything with the box. (Perfect condition, giving it away due to buying a new macbook pro)

Happy reblogging. (。◕‿◕。)