Bethany. 21 but I look 12.
I post lots of selfies/fashion stuff so I can laugh at myself in the future.
I do movie 'reviews' of movies I own (I've got 500 right now lord).
I like writing and drawing but never have time for them.
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Hell yeah 200 followers! In order to celebrate, I’m holding a give-away!

What could you win? Since I’m a broke-ass college grad, I’m offering the following prizes:

  • A custom My little Pony (you choose the design/character and I’ll make it)
  • Some custom made Kandi for you! (Like 5 pieces or so)
  • Any wig under 20$ from! Actually you could prolly get a few wigs for under 20$ total so you know what, so long as it adds up to 20$ before shipping, you get that many wigs.
  • A gift certificate/card worth 25$ to any store you want.


  1. Reblogs only. I will disqualify give-away blogs.
  2. You must be following me.
  3. Have fun!

I can ship to anywhere in the world, so I encourage all of you to participate!

I will choose a winner via on August 30th. Happy Reblogging!

Yooo the month is coming to an end quicker than I thought, be sure to reblog this so I have a lot of people to pick from!

Another reminder, if this doesn’t get 100 notes or more before the 30th, I’m gonna cancel it. No sense holding a give-away for 200+ followers if less than half participate, you know?

Hey so I’m extended the end date of this to SEPTEMBER 30th. I wanna get more people participating in this. (and also so I have time to get some funds…)
So, happy reblogging!

Yooo this ends tomorrow at Midnight, I’ll pick a winner October first and if need be, I might pick 2 winners to divide the prizes amongst. Get rebloggin~